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  • Linda R

    "I use the scar cream to help combat my rosacea but also used it after surgery to reduce scaring."

  • Don K

    "With over 30 years in the spa industry, I can finally offer a true aromatherapy massage. My clients love it and they appreciate being able to purchase some of the products if they desire."

  • Dave D

    "I am a triathlete in Florida and use the Buddha Balm muscle rub for fatigue and overuse of my muscles. I like that I am putting something on my skin that has benefits."

  • Michelle E

    "I have been using the bug spray for years and actually just got back from Africa. I was happy to have it there. My husband also uses it on the golf course because it doesn't leave a greasy residue."

  • Mellisa T

    "I am a new mom and I use the Baby Butt Balm at changing time to keep my daughter from getting diaper rash. It was a small amount of lavender which also helps her sleep."

  • Colin H

    "I have a beard and tattoos and actually love the tattoo cream on both! It makes my tattoo color pop and doubles as skin care to keep my beard soft."

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