Aroma Relief is a company that is passionate about finding homeopathic alternatives to some of life's common everyday ailments. This line is created by a massage therapist/aromatherapist and her mission is to share the power of the skin's ability to absorb what is put on it and how this can facilitate healing from within. This is done through the perfect combination and dosage of essential oils. Then these are blended together to create the massage creams, body oils, skin sprays, and healing balms.

The products are made in Tampa, Florida by owner Karen Sallade. Karen has over 29 years experience in the massage therapy industry, including everything from providing the service to hosting continuing education classes for other therapists.

My Story

Everyone has a story, and this is mine.

I have been a massage therapist for over 29 years and have been fortunate enough to gain experience working everywhere from hospitals to high-end spas in this industry.

Loving what I do, I realized that the average massage therapist, including myself, has the ability to heal even further in a way that was not being addressed; through the products we use!

The skin is the largest organ in the body and absorbs into the bloodstream everything you put on it.

I thought to myself, why am I not using a product that can add an additional benefit of being healing beyond the 60 minute massage? So began my journey to understand the relationship between essential oils and healing. I found out that these amazing holistic healers have been around for 2000 years, and were the medicine of our ancestors way before we had prescription drugs!

So began the journey of researching the right combination of oils that worked effectively together to help not only the client, BUT ALSO the therapist, as the transfer of product to client, gets absorbed by the user as well!

So massage creams, essential oil blends, healing sprays (all directed at specific chronic conditions) were developed, and AromaRelief was born. All products have 5 or less ingredients and are hand-made with all organic ingredients.

The product line is available to therapists for wholesale purchase, so they can share/sell them to their clients inorder to prolong the benefits of the massage experience and set them apart in the industry as true healers.

As a continuing education instructor for the Board of Massage Therapy, I also teach a 12 hour live course in the area of essential oil benefits.

Feel free to contact me with your questions!

Karen Sallade